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Please Send Enquiry For Expert of Mosquito Nets In Bhubaneswar
mosquito nets in bbsr
mosquito nets

Mosquito Net For Windows In Bhubaneswar has a wide range in supplies of mosquito nets mesh which is fiberglass material. Mosquito Nets becomes important when it comes to avoid diseases such as Dengue Fever caused by mosquitoes. These meshes keeps out mosquitoes and other small insects and flies from entering into you premises of houses. These mosquito nets can be installed any where in homes scuh as wooden windows, small open area exposers, aluminum windows and any open air holes.         

                                                                    Manikanta Safety Nets Enterprises comprises a team of Professionals specialized in mosquito nets installation for operators who work in situation where to install nets with perfection with respective to any unshaped windows. This Mosquito mesh is made of fiberglass which can installed on windows, balconies, ventilators, to keep out mosquito, insects, bugs, lizard and other insects. As it is a mesh, it also allows proper ventilation and air to pass through it. These mosquito net for any windows will be installed by Velcro fitting. For aluminum windows we have self adhesive Velcro.

This mesh needs to be stitched accordingly to the size of windows.

We are offers mosquito mesh are present in the forms of the

Best Quality Mosquito Screen Mesh 

  • Good Toughness

  • Light Weight

  • Durable Screen Mesh

  • Anti Wrinkle Mesh

  • No breaks

  • Chemical Corrosion Resistance

  • Washable

  • Do It Yourself ( Easy Removal)

  • Heat Resistant

Materials :

  • Fiber Glass Material


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